(and equivalent furling masts) for larger yachts in the range 25 to 50ft (7.6 to 15.5m) LOA are available as masthead or fractional rig, deck or keel stepped. These masts are available in STANDARD or CLASSIC specification.


Delta Series masts (and equivalent furling masts) are available for yachts in the range 5 to 10m (15 to 35ft) LOA.

Masthead rig  


Extruded alloy masthead attached by right-angled bolts with nuts and lock washers. The head incorporates toggles for forestay, backstay (twin backstays where necessary). Large diameter delrin halyard sheaves for two foresails, main halyard and boom topping lift. Instrument tray. Attachment for spinnaker halyard block.


Fractional rig

Masthead extrusion attached by right-angled bolts with nuts and lock washers. The head incorporates backstay anchorage(s) and sheaves for main halyard and topping lift. Instrument tray.


For Z401:

Triple combi sheave box incorporating forestay anchorage, foresail halyard sheave and spinnaker halyard sheave.


For Z501 and larger masts:

Separate forestay tang and sheave box for foresail halyard.


Specification common to masthead and fractional rigs


Backing shells for capshroud attachment.


Through-mast alloy bar spreader root with spreader support plates is the system most commonly used. With this system, separate provision is made for lower shroud anchorage. Usually this will be holes cut for backing shells. Where holes for backing shells have been cut, the shells will be supplied.


Cast alloy spreader brackets incorporating swivel spreader base and double lower shroud anchorage for ball swages for sections Z531 upwards is also available and used commonly on cruising rigs.


Aerofoil spreaders with sail-saving delrin ends incorporating clamps for the shrouds. Some spreaders are tapered, some parallel.

Pole lift sheave box.


Spinnaker pole track and car with rope control.


Halyard exit chafe plates in stainless steel. Colour coded messenger lines for all halyards.


Sail slide stopper system.


Gooseneck assembly with toggle and double reef hook.


Mast base with facilities for the attachment of base blocks. Kicker take-off.


Single conduit with messengers to masthead and steaming light position.


Tapered top sections are available for non furling masts, at extra cost.


Keel stepped mast.


In some cases a plain mast base is supplied instead of the standard mast base. Our keel-stepped bases are not adjustable.


A water trap system and deck ring are available as optional extras.


Separate kicker take-off tang supplied.




As above, but stainless steel tangs for upper, intermediate and lower shroud anchorage.




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