Rigged masts are masts dressed with standing and running rigging. This includes adjustable trapezes for trapezing boats.



Unrigged masts, in general, are made up with the following items fitted:

Masthead unit, sheave boxes for genoa , spinnaker and spinnaker pole lift, spreader bracket, anchorages for forestay, shrouds and trapezes, spinnaker pole ring, gooseneck, main halyard lock or rack, kicker take-off. Also halyard exit slots are cut for genoa, spinnaker and pole lift where these have been specified by the customer. Also supplied are mast foot and overlength spreaders.



Booms are supplied with inboard and outboard ends fitted. Sliders for mainsheet and kicker take-off are installed in the track but not fitted in place. Messenger for internal outhaul is led inside boom. Extra for lightening holes and outhaul taper.

We reserve to right to change specification and price without notice.