Rigid Vangs


 Our rigid vangs contain a spring in compression, to support the boom when no load is placed on the vang. This obviates the need for a topping lift, and ensures a free leech in light airs.


 We manufacture rigid vangs in 3 sizes:































Price shown is for self-fit system including boom and mast tangs.

Factory fitted systems: small: £17 extra; medium: £20 extra, large: £32 extra.



Tangs only guaranteed to fit Z Spars spars: other spars by quotation.


All prices ex works ex VAT.


Recommended installation angle of vang is 30 degrees from horizontal. Position of boom tang aft of the mast is thus approximately twice the vertical distance from the pivot point on the mast to the underside of the boom. NOTE THAT THE LARGER TUBE MUST BE FITTED AT THE BOOM END.